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There are two types of crystals ‒ single crystal and polycrystalline ‒ which differ depending on the orientation of grains that make up the crystal.
Single crystal materials are those in which the grains are aligned in a uniform pattern. Diamonds are a perfect example. Diamonds, which are hard and clear, are made of carbon, but so is pencil lead, which is soft and black. The base material is the same, but their characteristics differ dramatically depending on the crystalline state.
There has been an understanding in the industry that various material characteristics could be improved by adopting single crystal materials, but practical applications have been hindered by engineering difficulties and prohibitive costs. KRYSTAL overcame these issues by applying original single crystal technologies, successfully creating single crystal materials that were considered unattainable in the past.
We are now able to manufacture even more products, and respond to an even wider range of customer needs.

From President

KRYSTAL Inc. was established through the spinoff of the Film Forming Division at Advanced Material Technologies, Inc., which has led the industry in the manufacture and sales of DLC film forming equipment and the development of high-performance PZT (lead zirconate titanate). In the development of MEMS materials, KRYSTAL was the first in the world to successfully create a single crystal form of PZT, which is used universally in MEMS applications, and has contributed to dramatic improvements in performance.
As a next step, we are currently developing materials for band-pass filters, which are used in mobile communications. With a passion for technological development, we will continue to develop a wide range of “single crystal” materials.
We look forward to your valued guidance and support.

代表取締役社長 山口 十一郎

Profile of KRYSTAL

Company Name KRYSTAL Inc.
Head Office 2-1-17 Asutopia, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan 755-0152
TEL.FAX TEL.: +81-(0)836-39-7822 FAX.: +81-(0)836-39-8230
Capital 61.5 million yen
Established July 12, 2017
Outline of business 〇Consignment of film deposition for single crystal lower electrodes, PZT single crystal film,
 and upper electrodes, and sales of coated wafers
〇Film deposition for single crystal lower electrodes with three orientations
 (ZrO2, Pt, SRO films), and sales of deposited wafers
〇Design, development, manufacturing, and sales of high-performance thin-film electronic
 devices for MEMS
〇Development, manufacturing, and sales of single crystal piezoelectric thin films
 for next-generation MEMS

Owned patent

Patent No. 6498821 Film structure and method for producing the same June 13, 2018
Patent No. 6598032 Ferroelectric ceramic and method for producing the same April 27, 2015
Patent No. 6347085 Ferroelectric film and method for producing the same February 18, 2014
Patent No. 6311178 Piezoelectric film and ferroelectric ceramics, and piezoelectric film inspection method; December 27, 2013
Film deposition equipment, inspection equipment, and quality assurance

Film deposition equipment, inspection equipment, and quality assurance

Here, we introduce the latest film deposition equipment that supports KRYSTAL’s engineering capabilities, as well as the inspection equipment and quality assurance structures that make it possible to achieve high levels of quality.

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Advanced Material Technologies

Advanced Material Technologies